Into the future

Future business approaches are a structured set of directions, recommendations, work modes, activities and tools the organization uses to turn those organizational capabilities that are defined in the strategy into distinguishing competencies.

Business analysis is business discipline focused on: discovering the needs of an organization and its clients;preparing comprehensive in-depth solutions for meeting those needs; and ensuring and preparing the necessary resources and business process for these solutions. It helps management identify and manage the basic management leverage which affects the business results, the development of the organization, and the balance between the success of the organization and customer satisfaction, which can in turn assure long term added value for all stakeholders.

Customer value is the value that the customer recognizes and sees as a solution which meets its needs. The benefits the solution brings to the organization's offerings are manifested by ensuring faster, simpler and more efficient satisfaction of the client's needs. The price includes financial resources as well as other (non financial) invested resources, such as time. The offered solution can be a product, a service, information or a combination of them.