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Any change in the business environment is a potential business opportunity for an organization, but its competitors will also be trying to utilize it. This is why the ability to co-create the changes in the business environment or at the very least the quickest response to them will create an advantage, which will be very difficult for the competition to achieve.

The ability to co-create changes and the rapid responsiveness of an organization depends on its sensibility to the events in the environment (the ability to quickly perceive and understand changes in the environment), and its flexibility (the ability of fast internal transformation).

The sensibility of an organization shows the level of its ability to utilize new business opportunities. It depends of the way it perceives and understands the general development of demographic and economic trends, social development, discovering new markets on time, creating the needs, wishes and expectations of clients, proper understanding of these clients and the ability to quickly create solutions for them.

The flexibility of an organization shows the level of its ability to quickly implement changes according to identified business opportunities. It depends on the organizational structure, decision making processes, flexibility of business processes and resources in the organization, and also its culture, which must not only embrace change but must also be based on cooperation, and the readiness to work for a common goal.